Joe Vitale – Remembering Process

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Joe Vitale – Remembering Process

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Dear Friend,

Would you like to be the person who magically gets what they want… while others look at you with awe and envy?

You know, the kind of guy or girl who seemed to just “wish” for anything and have it work out for them… no matter whether it was:

A new job or business
A nicer car or home
More income
A positive, supportive partner
Financial security
A bigger family
Or anything else!
You’ve probably known at least a few people like that, haven’t you? And although you wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, you’ve secretly wished that could be you.

After all, you work hard. You’ve “paid your dues.” But even though you give 100% for others… when it comes time for you to do something nice for you… things just don’t seem to work out.

And so you’re left asking yourself…

“How Is It That Other People Can Have What They Want… But Not Me?”
Not that you’re not grateful for what you have. There are a lot of things in your life to be grateful for, and you work hard to appreciate those things. But there are always those goals and desires that you just can’t seem to reach… no matter how hard you try!

Look, the answer is simpler than you think.

Most of us haven’t been taught how to tap into our innate abilities to bring the people, possessions, and circumstances into our lives that will truly make us fulfilled. Instead, we’re taught to live inside mental cages of our own design… to hold ourselves back from what we truly want.

We’re conditioned to act as wardens of the prisons we inhabit.
When we stop imprisoning ourselves and start learning the powerful, liberating techniques that have been kept hidden from us all our lives, we realize that what we truly desire is not only possible… but virtually inevitable.

It’s a shame that more people don’t understand that. Most people go through their entire lives completely shut away from ever reaching their desires… and end up never truly experiencing the lives they were meant to have.

But now, you don’t have to.

I’m going to tell you about a program that will allow you to create whatever you want in your life – no matter how unattainable it might seem or how many people have told you that it’s not possible.

And it’s not one of those in-person “retreats” that cost $1000s or 12-week courses that are mostly fluff. This is proven, step-by-step guidance to help you begin experiencing the life you want starting today.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve always felt like the “odds were against you.”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been running up against the same obstacles for years or even decades.

It doesn’t even matter if, right this second, you feel like you’ll never have anything you want!

Welcome to…

The Remembering Process
The remembering process is designed to give you an entirely new way of thinking – both consciously and unconsciously – that will empower you to easily break through limitations in your life… and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!

Daniel Barrett (founder and CEO of Rubicon Artist Development) and I originally developed The Remembering Process as a way for musicians to achieve incredible depth and talent in their work. But we quickly realized that it could empower people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams… no matter how long they’ve felt “stuck.”

The Remembering Process is unlike anything that you’ve seen before: it’s an advanced form of visualization that empowers your higher mind to manifest desires, dreams, and goals in a way that’s “spooky” fast.

And even though this technique is incredibly advanced… it’s SIMPLE to use if you follow our step-by-step process.

This is NOT the Law of Attraction. This is BEYOND the Law of Attraction.

You see, when most people “wish” for what they want… all they’re really doing is putting more energy into what they lack – that is, the negativity that comes with not having what they want. But through the subtle but powerful shift you’ll experience in The Remembering Process, your “wishes” will become your way of remembering the future. And because what you desire already exists in the future… it’s yours for the taking!

The best part is… we’ve structured this course to make the process almost effortless. Instead of struggling for years and wondering why things never work out for you, you’ll be able to “remember” any circumstance or possession you want… and then relax knowing that it is on its way into your physical reality!

So What Will You Get When You Dive Into “The Remembering Process” Just Minutes from Now?
Your course is made up of 21 short, insight-packed modules that will take you through ‘The Remembering Process” and give you the power to achieve virtually anything you want by clearing away emotional obstacles and tapping into the future-casting power of your own infinite mind.

You’ll be learning and mastering your personal Remembering Process by following each module in order… and by taking notes and journaling at the end of each section:

Module 1: Introduction to The Remembering Process

In this first module, you’ll discover exactly what The Remembering Process is and how you can use it to create massive change in your life. You’ll also get examples of how you – like virtually everyone – already use this process in certain areas of your life and don’t even know it! Module 1 will also help you get the most out of this course by explaining how to approach the remainder of the lessons.

Module 2: Six Steps to The Remembering Process

Here, we’ll dive right into the 6 key steps that make up The Remembering Process. But don’t worry, you won’t need to spend hours reading about vague theories and complicated ideas. In fact, you can start using all 6 steps today to begin your transformational journey and enjoy the fulfillment and joy you truly deserve!

Module 3: Desired Outcomes

You may or may not see yourself as a creative person. But it doesn’t matter – in Module 3, you’re going to uncover your own ability to use creativity to determine the outcomes you want and attract them to your life. Through this sense of playfulness and wonder, you’ll find that not only are you able to envision what you want clearly… but to achieve it in the physical world more quickly than you ever thought possible!

Module 4: The Feeling Of…

In Module 4, you’ll discover the role of feelings in The Remembering Process. Understanding how feelings integrate into “future cast” memories will help make them clearer and more real, which will facilitate turning them into physical reality.

Module 5: The Remembering Letter

Writing a Remembering Letter is a powerful way to clear away emotional obstacles and create an open path for your goals and dreams to find their way into your life. In this module, you’ll find inspiring suggestions to help you write your own Remembering Letters.

Module 6: Gratitude

One of the most effective elements of The Remembering Process is gratitude – with a strong sense of being grateful for what has (and will) happen, you eliminate emotional obstacles that keep you in a state of wanting. Here, you’ll learn specific strategies for creating your ideal life through gratitude.

Module 7: Energy Clearing

The Remembering Process works best when you are calm and centered. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to reach that centered state so you can begin achieving your dreams. In Module 7, you’ll discover how to quickly center your thoughts and emotions so that you can get the best results possible from future-casting.

Module 8: Words Matter

Often times, we don’t give much thought to the words we use… but words come with vibrations that can affect you and those around you. In Module 8, we’ll look at how words can help or hinder your ability to attract the circumstances and abundance you want – many of the words you use every day could be keeping you from your dreams!

Module 9: With Others

In Module 9, we’ll expand on what you learned in “Words Matter” (Module 8). You’ll be participating in simple exercises designed to reinforce your control over the words you use to shape your life (and the lives of others) every day. By the end of this module, you’ll understand how words not only affect you, but also those around you.

Module 10: For Others

The Remembering Process can be as powerful a tool for helping others as it is for achieving your own goals and desires. In fact, using this process for the good of others can actually strengthen your sense of gratitude and joy, making it even easier to attract what you want into your own life. In Module 10, we’ll look at simple, specific ways you can benefit others – family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers – with focused intention.

Module 11: Change the Station

Many of us get “stuck” on one radio station – the physical reality we are experiencing right now. But your mind is capable of tuning into an infinite number of stations, many of which can help you unlock your own limitless power. This module will empower to “change your station” at will and experience the purest, most beneficial thoughts possible to create real, positive change.

Module 12: Looking Vs. Finding

People often describe their wants and wishes as things they are “looking for”… as in, they are looking for a spouse, a new job, a better opportunity, etc. In Module 12, you’ll find out why replacing a “looking for” mindset with a “finding” mindset can quickly eliminate roadblocks that have kept you from your desires.

Module 13: A New Story

It’s often the stories we tell ourselves about everyday events, rather than the events themselves, that control our energy. If you’re constantly telling yourself negative stories, you’re strengthening the obstacles that are keeping you from abundance. Here, you’ll learn how to create your new, positive story to start the flow of abundance in your life.

Module 14: Someone Else

In Module 14, you’re going to learn how to future-cast abilities from other people’s lives. Imagine calling up – at a moment’s notice – the speaking skills of Martin Luther King Jr. or the financial prowess of Warren Buffet. That’s just the beginning of what you can do when you master the simple techniques in this eye-opening module!

Module 15: Sooth and Entice

Want to experience more joy as you begin attracting what you desire? Then you definitely won’t want to miss this module. You’re going to learn quick, fool-proof ways of creating playful joy… making it even easier to turn your dreams into reality!

Module 16: Quick Journaling

In Module 16, you’ll discover another meditative technique – quick journaling – to center your mind and spirit, and to experience the sense of calm that makes The Remembering Process so powerful. Follow along with the simple instructions, and you’ll be able to experience calmness and centeredness in even the most challenging circumstances.

Module 17: Bad Stuff

Even when we practice centeredness, life’s bad events can throw us off. Divorces, accidents, job loss… they can all happen to anyone. It’s what you do (and how you view) these events that determines your ability to grow. In Module 17, you’ll learn a new approach to challenges that can help you weather even the harshest of storms and still come out stronger and more positive!

Module 18: Fear

Fear can play a strong role in what you attract – and don’t attract, into your life. In fact, when many people “wish” for something, they’re secretly afraid that they won’t get it… and that usually means that they continue to lack what they want. Here, you’ll learn proven ways to keep fear from getting in the way of achieving your goals and dreams.

Module 19: Hidden Energy

In Module 19, we’ll look at the “hidden energy” behind many desires, and how that energy can keep them from manifesting in physical reality. Understanding this energy – and the reasons for it – can help you experience abundance more quickly and easily.

Module 20: Receiving the Praise

Here, we’ll dive into exercises designed to reinforce the power of your successes. These simple strategies let you experience the joy and satisfaction of achieving your goals… today.

Module 21: Congratulations!

You’ve made it – and you deserve to be proud! In this wrap-up module, Daniel and I will share some final thoughts to help you use The Remembering Process as powerfully as possible.

PLUS… Daniel and I have created supplemental audio trainings to go with the modules – you’ll be able to access them in your member dashboard. Listening to the audios will make the lessons you’re learning even more powerful!

And we’ve also included journal prompts with each lesson – these prompts will help you internalize what you’ve learned and make it uniquely yours, so you can use the lessons to create your own amazing life!

So What Will The Remembering Process Do for You?
You’ll be able to quickly move past emotional “roadblocks” (many of which were likely created when you were very young) to unlock your true potential and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!
You’ll learn easy techniques for “letting go” of everyday stresses so that you can envision new possibilities for your future (this is the first step to turning what you want into reality)!
You’ll experience peace with where you are at the present moment, freeing up your energy to attract abundant, positive change in your future!
You’ll tune into the “flashes” of insight that allow you to powerfully remember events in the future, so that they can become seeds of transformational change!
You’ll experience full control over how you create your future (if you’ve always been taught that your circumstances are out of your control, this will be a truly liberating feeling)!

You’ll feel truly worthy of your desires… giving you the spark to turn them into reality!
You’ll discover the simple way to experience the feeling of your desired outcome before it happens… so that you can energetically attract it into your life!
You’ll find out how easy it is to eliminate self-defeating emotions, and replace them with positive, empowering ones!
You’ll discover how to easily “remember” your future by writing just a few simple paragraphs… empowering you to create the life you want with almost no effort!
You’ll be able to let go of trying to figure out how you’ll achieve your goals, and rest easy knowing that the universe has it all figured out for you!
You’ll learn how to use simple techniques and items to greatly amplify the power of the Remembering process… giving you the ability to experience transformational change quickly!
You’ll eliminate the stress of feeling like you’re in a state of “lack”… and truly savor what you have now (and what’s coming in your near future)!

You’ll learn the triggers for negative emotions and energy…. And how you can quickly eliminate those triggers to feel calm, confident, and joyous!
You’ll learn how a few simple movements and intentional statements can release stress and emotional blockages instantly… letting you get back to a mindset of abundance in just seconds!
You’ll be able to easily ask for and obtain the unwavering support of others to help you along your transformational journey!
You’ll see how playful improvisation can create MAJOR shifts in your mindset… allowing the universe to deliver virtually anything you want!

You’ll strengthen your awareness of the messages you receive every day… and choose only the ones that support your new, abundant mindset!
You’ll feel empowered by your ability to create change in the lives of others through future-casting!
You’ll know that you’re a valuable part of the universe just as you are… and you’ll use that acceptance to create an even more incredible life that benefits you and everyone around you!

You’ll feel tuned in to the universe – and to the good you’re already creating – so that you can more readily accept the abundance it is ready to send to you!
You’ll be able to let go of merely “wishing” for better talents or circumstances… and rest easy knowing that you’re already moving steadily toward them!
You’ll discover how even the smallest “particles” of belief can yield amazing results in your life!

You’ll learn simple ways of changing the narrative in your mind from one of frustration and lack to one of joy, abundance, and fulfillment!
Ready to Start Making Your Desires Come True?
Why continue just “wishing” for nice things, a better job, a supportive relationship, or anything else? Daniel and I have put together this step-by-step blueprint to help you go from lack to


abundance, so you can begin truly enjoying your life… instead of just “wishing” it away.

Here’s why you must act now: When this program goes live to the general public, the investment will be $97 (well worth it).

But because you’re taking action today… we’re going to give you an exceptional deal.

Right now, you’re getting all 21 modules of The Remembering Process – plus all of the supplemental audios and journal prompts – for a one-time investment of just…


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