John Carlton – The Entrepreneurs Guide To Getting Your Sh!t Together

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John Carlton
The Entrepreneurs Guide To Getting Your Sh!t Together

As soon as the Web became viable for entrepreneur marketers in the early 2000’s, John Carlton surfaced as the go-to teacher for writing everything required to find prospects and persuade them to become eager customers…

… as well as being The Dude for solving almost any biz problem holding things up. For decades, he was a notoriously-successful freelance direct-response copywriter with a global reputation for creating ads that brought home the bacon in almost every possible media (particularly direct mail, magazines and newspapers). And his street-savvy, close-the-deal style of salesmanship has now helped mobs of new entrepreneurs dominate niches online.

This book is a collection of his best (and most recent) lesson-dense private articles to insider colleagues. What you’re about to discover is the timeless advice and first-choice strategies that can help rookie entrepreneurs murder their competition, and veteran marketers re-establish dominance in their niche.

No theory here. Every lesson is from the front trenches of the business world, where fortunes are won or lost through your ability to craft superior marketing in crowded business environments… and produce jaw-dropping results regardless of the economy, the competition, or any problem currently holding you up.

If you have a great product or service, then shame on you if you don’t learn and use the reality-tested, results-proven toolkit of advice and tactics packed into this sizzling tome.

It’s your best First Step to becoming an awesome entrepreneur, no matter where you are now or what your experience is or how broke/disadvantaged/clueless you are. You start here, and the greatest adventure of your life can finally begin in earnest.

About the author:

John Carlton’s notorious 30-year career has become something of a legend among modern marketers. Just some of the highlights:

He started out as the “bad boy” freelance copywriter snuck through the back doors of Los Angeles advertising agencies to do the hard-core sales jobs their staff writers couldn’t pull off (because they didn’t understand street-level salesmanship)…

He penned game-changing packages for the largest direct response mailers in the world (like Rodale Press)… while single-handedly also completely transforming the way print ads worked in a number of markets (through sizzling long-copy ads the magazine owners hated, but which worked like crazy)…

And he pioneered the now-common use of killer “old school” persuasive ad-writing models for online markets when the Web finally became a viable vehicle for entrepreneurs.

John’s been called “the most respected and ripped-off copywriting wizard alive”, because so many of his ads are still used as templates by other marketers. (Yes, even the ads written before the Web became a viable marketing medium.)

And for over a decade now, John has been the “go-to-teacher” for helping entrepreneurs learn how to craft ads that get results. His first book, “Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”, is still cited as a primary resource by the best writers working today.


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