John Dupuy & Nadja Lind – iAwake Technologies – Strong Medicine

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John Dupuy & Nadja Lind – iAwake Technologies

Strong Medicine


Strong Medicine – Theta Power Meditation

— it’s not for everyone. Brainwave entrainment for deep, deep practice.

Strong Medicine is the latest offering of Nadja Lind, the creator of Workout Ecstasy Volumes I & II and Turning In. This track is for when you feel the need to meditate very deeply or work on specific issues. It also is very helpful when you are burned out or exhausted. Simply lay down on the ground with a pillow under your head, and assume the yoga “corpse” position—or sit back in a comfortable chair or assume your standard meditation pose. Either way, it works. Strong Medicine will often produce a hypnagogic state between waking and sleeping, resulting in a state of profound rest and renewal when one is finished. This track was named by John Dupuy when he first used it, for it is, indeed, strong medicine.

Get ready for one powerful transformational entrainment experience!