John Overdurf – Neuroscience in Trance

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John Overdurf – Neuroscience in Trance

The “Putting Neuroscience in Trance” Series:

These are “talks” I’ve used with clients and in trainings which I’ve expanded into actual inductions. What’s refreshing about some of the new neuroscientific research it provides us with very credible metaphors which can be used therapeutically.

I would have to say these are two of my more unique and most favorite inductions. These are great to use yourself, to give to clients as reinforcement in between sessions or even as a study of advanced hypnotic language.

I’ve added binaural beat music for brain entrainment, as well as other effects of create to complement and amplify the suggestions being made. Each one was made as much to be entertainment as transformation. These are truly unique multipurpose “inductions.”

Well…Beyond…Just Placebo

Placebo occurs when our brain uses some external stimulus, like a sugar pill to create a healing response. You may know placebo is one of the more researched phenomena because for every modality to be tested it must be compared to a control group. Very often the control group experiences some degree of change. LIke many phenomena, science can measure it’s effects but the exact mechanism is not fully known.

What you may not know is how widespread placebo is and how it can be used strategically as protocol for change. As many have said in the past, “Placebo may not work for everybody, but it could work for you.” How can you use placebo to work for you and your clients?

This program is created in “modular” tracks which means you can re-sequence, add or subtract to the sequence I used to create different hypnotic experiences of your choosing. The music alone, which is set for entrainment to Theta (6 Hz.), is well worth a listen just by itself!

Re-Consolidating Memories

Re-consolidation may be one of the most significant findings ever in neuroscience. It has huge implications for coaching, therapy and learning. What is it exactly and, more importantly, how can use use it for your own personal evolution or coaching.

The audio begins with a succinct introduction and is sequenced in a way you can pick a memory or internal representation you want to change and then use the process of re-consolidation to make a shift in your perception of it. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can just use induction by itself.

As with the placebo induction, this program includes music with embedded binaural beats set to entrain your brain at theta (6 Hz).


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