Jonathan Altfeld – Building Hypnotic Rapport

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Jonathan Altfeld
Building Hypnotic Rapport

You’ll learn how to tune into another person’s rhythms & patterns in extremely powerful ways, and you’ll see and hear evidence for why this so profoundly improves human communication. As a home-audience member, you’ll also be “let in on” certain secrets of how Jonathan constructs exercises, so as to train specific skills & increase the awareness of his participants. Then you’ll gain insight into how to generate these same skills-drills out in the real world! In short, you’ll be learning how to teach yourself!!!

Explore how matching other people’s vocal/verbal qualities can help you to make them feel more comfortable (and how not doing this can alienate people unintentionally)! Find out how to use this process as a way of testing for responsiveness to your influence!

It’s not only useful to know how to increase & create rapport, to help you get more of what you want from other people; it’s also useful to know ways of breaking rapport in ways that don’t hurt your friendships & relationships.

This is where the real gold is hidden. Cross-Mirroring & Matching people’s rhythms are Amazingly Powerful ways to create profound levels of rapport & relaxation in other people. And learning how to cycle through a variety of such matching & mirroring processes can often be MUCH more effective than doing any 1 or 2 things indefinitely. We are rhythmic beings… Learn to Tune in to that Unconscious PULSE of experience we all share. Learn to take hold of that Pulse and direct it with intent! You’ll become a more effective leader in life!


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