Jonathan Altfeld – Creating the Automatic Yes

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Jonathan Altfeld – Creating the Automatic Yes
This home study program teaches State-chaining.  It will help you personally to become FAR more emotionally-aware, intelligent, and flexible. You will learn to help others to feel what you want them to feel, through a series of direct or indirect emotional elicitations, getting them to see what you want them to see. And you will be able to  get stuck people UNSTUCK.

CD 1: Introducing State-Chaining Skills

The Power of Context
People Only Take Action in Action States.
Most People Occupy “Encounter States”
Process Vs. Content
People are Threshold Machines
Influence and EQ
Crossing the River
You Go First!CD 2: Painting Emotional Landscapes
State Categories in more Depth
Action States Unpacked
Encounter States Unpacked
Filling Gaps Between Encounter & Action
Accelerator vs Hub States
Turn States UP not DOWN
HUB States
Accelerator StatesCD 3: Building Up Your Emotional Influence Vocab
Congruence: Just ACTING won’t work.
Best Methods: Eliciting ANY State
Learning New Emotional Pathways
Controlling Highly Unresourceful States
Cleansing Incongruence
Touching on Anchoring
Baby Steps – Using Just 3 States
Becoming More Adept with Sequencing
Almost any Content can be Piped through Any EmoSequenceCD 4: Becoming A More Natural Leader (Examples CD)
Anchoring Principles
Anchoring Chains of States together
Results Achievable with Anchor-Chains
Indirect State-Chains; Irrelevant Content
Sample/Example Emotion-Sequences
Sales Example – Influencing YES Repeatedly
Personal Example – Calming Down a Spouse
Summary of the program




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