Jonathan Altfeld – Flirtopia

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7 DVDs – MP4


Jonathan Altfeld

Here’s Just Some Of What was Taught & Learned at the FLIRTOPIA™ seminar:

How to Radiate An Irresistible Presence
How to Be Comfortable In Any Social Situation
How to Read Other People’s “Signals” To Minimize Rejection
How to Use Eye Contact To Experience Intimacy In A Non-Direct Sexual Way
How to Use Your Own Sexual Energy To Attract Lovers Almost Magically
How to Discover The Rules For People’s Personal Space, & Break Them!
How to Become a “Super Bio-Feedback System” To Give Others What They Want

You’ll Find Out How to:

Understand How The Opposite Sex Flirts Differently Than You Do
Develop Your Own Personal style Of Flirting
Rapidly Snap Into A Peak Emotional State To Attract Others To You
Move Your Body To Be More Sexy
Make New Friends Easily
Develop Rapport So Powerful, You’ll Feel Like You’ve Known People Their Entire Lives!
Break Any Limiting Beliefs You May Have About Flirting