Jorden Roper – Killer Cold Emailing

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Jorden Roper – Killer Cold Emailing

You’re a good writer. You’re ready to work hard and do what it takes to grow a profitable freelance writing business.

There’s just one problem:

You don’t know how to market yourself and win high-paying clients.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

You’re stuck writing in content mills or bidding for work. You know damn well that you’re underpaid, but you don’t know how to break free of those sites and find your own clients.

You’re tired of your soul-sucking 9-to-5 job. Seriously – you feel like you’re wasting away and you can’t stand the thought of sitting in a cubicle for the rest of your life or being barked at by an asshole boss who doesn’t recognize your talents.

You’re SICK of working for shit money. You see other writers online making hundreds of dollars per assignment, but you feel stuck making pennies per word, and you wonder,“What are they doing that I’m not?”

You don’t know what high-paying clients are looking for. Maybe you already know that you need a niche and a website. But you’re frustrated because you don’t know which niche to pick or what you should say on your site.

You’re overwhelmed by all the information online. You’ve read plenty of blog posts about freelance writing, but nothing seems to be working. Plus, there’s so much conflicting information out there – how can you be sure you’re spending your time on the tasks that will win you new clients?

All you want is the freedom of being your own boss, working from anywhere you want, and running a highly profitable freelance writing business.

And you find yourself thinking:

What am I doing wrong? Is it REALLY even possible to make a good living as a freelance writer?

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to make a full-time income freelance writing (even if you’re a totally clueless newbie!).

I started my freelance writing business right after getting fired from my shitty full-time job.

And I felt pretty clueless at first, but I had bills to pay. I NEEDED to make it work.

After some experimenting, I finally figured out the best way to kick start my freelance writing business:

Cold emailing.

I made over $1,000 in my first month as a full-time freelance writer – over $800 of that was justfrom the clients I had cold emailed.


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