Jorgen Rasmussen Challenging Allergy Response

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Jorgen Rasmussen Challenging Allergy Response

Imagine walking in the desert and suddenly you see a snake in front of you.

Immediately, your heart begins to pound, your palms get sweaty, the mouth gets dry, and you have catastrophic thinking about being bitten.

Imagine that you are able to stop and take a closer look….and when you do so, you realize that there is NO SNAKE… it’s JUST A ROPE.

The moment you see that the snake is a rope it’s game over, you have seen through a psychological illusion and all those “real” physiological responses disappear… NOT through positive thinking… or from implementing complex strategies… but from simply seeing through the psychological illusion.

What if the allergic response was simply an example of exactly this… the mind-body system responding to certain triggers (pollen, cat hair etc) as though it were a snake?
What if the allergic response were simply a phobia of the immune system?
What if there was nothing to cure or to treat?
What if there was simply an illusion to see through. A simple misunderstanding of perception that you could help them change.
Do you need to have previously studied the psychological illusion model to be able to use this method?

NO… everything you need to start working with allergies is contained within this material.

Whilst learning the psychological illusion model will help deepen your understanding of all this and enable you to apply this way of working to lots of other issues, it is not essential.

This way of working has been built from Jørgen’s deep understanding of NLP, hypnosis, self-enquiry, meditation and now he is ready to share.

HOWEVER, does that mean you can simply watch the video’s and immediately be sorting peoples allergies out straight away?

Imagine you bought an online training that taught you how to paint like a true master.

All the techniques and methods were demonstrated and shown; the mixing of the colours, the way to clean the brushes, prep the canvas, create the picture, use the paint, etc.

However, how much you practice, pay attention to, play around with, develop and hone is ultimately up to you.

This is what we are bringing to you. All the component parts of working successfully with allergies. How to sequence the ideas, frame the session, methods and approaches to explore, real demonstrations, explanations and analysis. The rest is of course, up to you. But we look forward to setting you on the path of this very exciting journey.


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