Judith Glasser – Conversational Intelligence for Coaches 2017

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Judith Glasser

Conversational Intelligence for Coaches 2017



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Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is a highly innovative, science based program that will provide you with coaching frameworks to leverage the power of neuroscience. These frameworks can be used to establish an environment of trust and connection, activate the parts of the brain that trigger instant growth and innovation and create coaching conversations that lead to never before experienced levels of success for your clients.

The program is going to have a profound impact on the coaching industry as a whole. In the way that Emotional Intelligence offered a new lens for exploring and elevating research about the role of emotions in strengthening our relationships with others – Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches will open up a new lens for understanding and redefining what conversations are and how you can leverage them.

Understanding the neuroscience of conversations provides you as a coach with a new handle on elevating this hardwired capacity in all human beings around the globe.

Judith E. Glaser, the world’s leading expert in Conversational Intelligence® has implemented these frameworks and methodologies to impact the growth and evolution of companies globally including Clairol, Citibank, Pfizer, Burberry, American Airlines, and Verizon.

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is structured in a way that makes complex neuroscientific methodologies easy to understand and implement in your coaching practice. For clarity and simplicity we’ve organized this work into buckets, categories and frameworks that are easy to use. As a result, you as a coach come away with many tools that can be used with clients in business as well as with individuals, teams, or organizations.

You will have a deeper understanding of what the catalyst factor is, as well as what activates interaction dynamics that are healthy – and those that are not healthy.

Overall, the program combines more than 50 years of research in neuroscience with 34 years of experience as a Fortune 50 coach into a coaching framework that will shift the entire industry forward and create ripple effects of change throughout the coaching profession.

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is structured into 7 modules. Each of the 7 modules is part of the systematic approach for creating changes in the DNA of an organization and contains exercises to implement with your clients as well as practical tools that you can instantly use in your own coaching sessions.

C-IQ enables leaders and their teams to learn how to Level Set their Conversations, which activates the brain’s capacity for advanced and higher level processing of complex, difficult situations, with high levels of uncertainty. Instead of people getting stuck in positional conversations, or transactional conversations, or fear of conflict, these processes and frameworks create the ability for people to speak with each other with candor and caring, to be open for influence instead of stuck in their own positions and biases.

Individuals, teams, and organizations are able then to move into transformational and co-creational conversations – they make decisions faster, with higher levels of wisdom and insight – and they are able to co-create changes that fundamentally transform the future of the company.


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