Judy Rees – Metaphor Mastery Course

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Judy Rees – Metaphor Mastery Course

Curious about Clean Language – but unclear about how to make it work for you in the real world? In this metaphor Mastery program you’ll learn alongside people from all walks of life who, like you, are fascinated by people, what makes them tick, and how they can be helped to transform.

Skills You’ll Develop :

Confident Curiosity: How to explore clients’ unique, hidden metaphors without wasting a minute

Hybrid Vigour: How to blend metaphor work with your existing change work techniques (coaching, facilitation, NLP, hypnosis, EFT etc)

Elegant Inquiry: Know which Clean Language Question to ask when – and what results you can expect

Unsinkability: How to manage ‘negative’ emotions adeptly, as a springboard to change

X-Ray Listening: Hear more of what’s really going on around you – and feel able to take positive action

Service With Value: How to make yourself consistently useful to your clients, even when you’re confused

Income Upgrade: When you know you deliver reliable changes, you’re free to charge more for your services.


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