Jules & Chris Collingwood – Aegis: Patterns for extending your reach in life, work and leisure

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Jules & Chris Collingwood
Patterns for extending your reach in life, work and leisure

What do you believe is possible? What would you like to believe is possible? Aegis is the capacity to choose and to act on your own choices, instead of being carried along by the flow of other people’s agenda.

Aegis is your sense of capacity to create and influence the direction of your own life, to discover, choose and implement what you want in your environment, your work, your regular activities and your future.

In this book Jules Collingwood describes key combinations of patterns that support the development of readers’ aegis and their ability to discriminate between choice and compliance. She reveals the thinking that informs the choice of patterns and juxtaposes them to create complete interventions within a systemic framework.

The patterns are referenced to their creators and in many instances Jules includes a brief history of their development. This material will enable everyone interested in learning more about NLP to experience its possibilities and offer NLP practitioners and trainers the opportunity to extend and deepen their appreciation of the field.