L. Michael Hall – Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter, Presenting & Training In The Spirit of NLP

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L. Michael Hall
 Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter, Presenting &
Training In The Spirit of NLP

Book Description:  181 pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked.

Becoming More Ferocious As A Presenter

Book introduction was written in 1996.

This book records some of the ideas that numerous NLP trainers presented during the Bandler’s Trainers’ Training, in San Diego, California, in the summer of 1990.

I was there at the invitation of Richard Bandler.

Richard invited me to that training for the express purpose ofmaking a set of notes, assisting with the training, and then staying afterward to assist him with re-initiating the Society ofNLP, and creating a new Directory ofthe Society of NLP.

During and immediately after the training I wrote 67 pages of notes.

Later, as the years passed, I began expanding and extending my thoughts about the training as well as about NLP training in general.

It was after I did that that I put my notes in a manuscript fonn and copyrighted what I had written.

As the years have passed, I have continued to expand on the original notes.

Those original notes are now fully incorporated in this work.

I have changed some things in them since, because, as in all fields, knowledge does get to evolve.

We do get to learn better and to change our mind about some of the things which we once thought were true.

These learnings have arisen as I have studied the subject of training extensively, provided NLP training in the USA, and have become an international trainer myself.

They have arise also partly due to the three dozen books on NLP that I’ve written, many which are best sellers in this field, and through developing several new models in NLP.