L. Michael Hall – Games Slim People Play

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[(4 VHS – AVI) + (3 ebooks – PDF)]


L. Michael Hall
 Games Slim People Play

Description:  4 VHS tapes converted to .AVI
1 book with 246 pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked.
1 Intro Training Manual with 23 pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked.
1 Training Manual with 75 pages scanned, OCRed & bookmarked.

Winning at the Game of Being Fit & Slim

Ready for a new Game ro deal with food and fitness- a Game that will give you the payoffs you want, a fit and slim body.

Ready to refuse the old Games that haven’t worked?

Then get Games Slim People Play.

Slim and Fit Games will take you on a journey inro the higher frames of your mind to extract the “fat” in your head that has kept you from succeeding in experiencing the kind of Vitality, Energy, Fimess and Slimness that’s possible.

Learn the Rules of the Games and play the Games Slim People Play.

Based on the revolutionary frame Games model, this application book will take you intro the Matrix of your Mind so that you can Wake Up from “the world that’s been pulled down over your eyes.”

This will enable you to truly become free from the domination of your own frames that don’t support your weight and fitness.