L. Michael Hall & Shelle Rose Charvet – Innovations in NLP v1, For Challenging Times

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L. Michael Hall & Shelle Rose Charvet
 Innovations in NLP v1, For Challenging Times
Item Description:  1 PDF with 410 pages OCRed & bookmarked.

Shelle Rose Charvet and L. Michael Hall initiated the Innovations project because they believe that NLP Practitioners can be of enormous help in the challenging times our world is facing.

In this long-awaited book you will find out the latest insights and applications from leading NLP trainers around the world.

Each chapter describes a new model or application and contains step-by-step instructions on how and when to apply it.

Most chapters also include a case study showing the model or application in action.

For NLP Practitioners the book provides an outstanding collection of new tools and ideas to help them take their practice forward.

This book brings together some of the most recent innovations and applications of the traditional NLP model.

Each chapter describes a new model or application and contains step by step instructions or a case study on how and when to apply it.

For NLP practitioners it provides an outstanding collection of new tools and ideas to take their practice forward.

Contributors includes (but not limited to):

Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile: Decoding Language and Behavior to Improve Communication

L. Michael Hall – meta States: Modelling Self-Reflexive Consciousness

Charles Faulkner – Modeling Market Wizards: Revealing the Methods of Outstanding Traders and Investors

Robert Dilts – Success Factor Modelling: The Secrets of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Ian McDermott – NLP Coaching: How to Develop a Coaching Mindset

John McWhirter – Behavioural Remodelling: Advancing NLP s Linguistic Model

Nick Kemp – Provocative Change Works: Improvisation and Humour in Therapy and Coaching

Bob Bodenhamer – What Triggers Stuttering?: A Model for Achieving Fluency

Martin Roberts – The Well Formed Problem: A New Model for Managing Change in Business

Lucas Derks – Social Panoramas: How to Change Unconscious Landscapes to Improve Relationships

James Lawley and Penny Tompkins – Symbolic Modelling: Emergent Change through metaphor and Clean Language

Richard Bolstad – The RESOLVE Model: Facilitating Generative Change

John McWhirter – Behavioral Remodeling: Advancing NLP’s Linguistic Model

Richard M. Gray – Overcoming Addiction: A New Model for Working with Drug and Alcohol Abusers

Kris Hallbom and Tim Hallbom – NLP and Money: How to Create Empowering Beliefs about Money and Wealth

Arne Maus – The Identity Compass: Mapping meta-Programs for Business Success

Jaap Hollander – MPA MindSonar: An NLP Tool for Coaching, Team Building, Personnel Management, and Marketing

Patrick Merlevede – jobEQ: Profiling meta-Programs to Improve Emotional Intelligence

The book also includes chapters on some of the most innovative IT projects and communities where developments and advances continue to be made, including the Clean Language community and the NLP Research and Recognition Project.

More than anything, this book represents a collaboration of some of the best innovators in the field of NLP to push the boundaries of the traditional NLP model and create some solutions for the problems created by the increasingly troubled world in which we live.