Leonard McGill – Hypnosex Program The Ravisher

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Leonard McGill
Hypnosex Program The Ravisher

About author
In today’s hectic mobile world, some experts are encouraging couples to slow down and feel the energy that surrounds them. One such expert is Dr. Leonard McGill, a former Contributing Editor to GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) magazine, wants couples to move into a deeper, more energetic form of sexuality and has launched a new website, to explore his techniques. “This isn’t Tantra,” he notes. “We’re very nuts and bolts, how-to oriented. We want to be a place where people can learn from the top sex gurus on the planet. There’s a new sexual revolution happening all over the world, and we want to report on it from the front lines.

Product Info
Be the best lover you can be…in under 25 minutes.

Men, how would you like a hypnosis program that will help turn you into the best lover you can possibly be in under 25 minutes?

What I’m talking about here is a new technology that you’re going to be hearing more and more about in the next few years. This is a hypnosis program that literally drains any doubts about yourself as a lover out of your body and replaces them with a mountain of confidence.

Become the Ravisher your woman has always wanted.

Just by listening to this program before you make love, you will become more masterful in bed, with stronger erections that last longer, and the confidence to make love to your woman like a romance novel hero.

Here’s how this works: Slip on your headphones 25 minutes before making love. Let the advanced hypnosis language and music put you into a state of deep relaxation and ease. Then let your mind and body be programmed to be a Herculean lover, in charge of your erections and your sexual energy. Order today and be the romance novel hero your woman craves tonight!


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