Lisa Sasevich – Get Started Speaking

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Lisa Sasevich – Get Started Speaking
If you’ve been worried about how to get started speaking,
please relax. We’re going to make this really easy for you!
Get Started as a Speaker AND Make the Big Bucks … Even if You’ve Never Spoken in Your Life and You’re Starting with Free Gigs!
(YES, this really CAN happen!)

2009 was the biggest year yet for both of us. Why? Because we got in front of audience after audience – and nothing creates sales like an irresistible talk AND the right ‘non-selly’ approach. Yes, you CAN be yourself, spread your mission, impact audiences AND sell like crazy. (We’ve got results to prove it.) Check out our easy, step by step program!

Yes, that’s right … budding speaker. Because between you and me, this is a whole lot simpler than you think it’s going to be.

But first of all …

–    Ever had the uncomfortable realization that you have to have speaking gigs in your resume in order to get more?
–    Ever wondered who on earth would come to hear you speak … and what would you speak about, anyway?
–    Ever sat in the audience knowing you could do a better job – but wondering what the first baby steps really are?
–    Spent tons on yet another speaking program that tells you how to get gigs as a more advanced speaker … but not as the real beginner you actually are?


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