Management Course: Difficult Conversations and Friendlier Workplaces

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Management Course
Difficult Conversations and Friendlier Workplaces

This course will enable you, as a manager, to have those difficult conversations with employees about sensitive topics in an appropriate and effective manner, thus reducing unnecessary business costs. This course, Management Course: Difficult Conversations and Friendlier Workplace, contains an examination of management styles which will enable you to appreciate more clearly not only how you currently manage your employees but also why it might not always be as effective as you, or the business, would like. This is supported by a detailed look at employee engagement, from what it is to why you should bother with it and the practicalities of how to actually do it. Finally, the course will demonstrate, through a series of bad and good role plays and supporting feedback, how to actually talk appropriately to your employees about sensitive issues; issues that will potentially have a negative impact on the business’ costs if mismanaged. When you’ve finished this course, you will be able to use your new knowledge to create a friendlier work environment, which will enable you to manage those difficult conversations more effectively and so improve working relationships with your employees. Happy and supported employees do not cost businesses as much money as unhappy and disengaged employees, thus helping to reduce unnecessary business costs.

Course Overview
1m 50s
3m 5s
Back To Basics
17m 54s
Management Styles
51m 13s
Employee Engagement – What is It?
8m 6s
Employee Engagement – Why Bother?
37m 12s
Employee Engagement – How to Do It?
45m 10s
Emotions and Motivation
25m 46s
In Work issues
1h 25m
Out of Work Issues
1h 23m
Course Summary
5m 11s