Mariah Coz – Your First 1K

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Mariah Coz – Your First 1K
Get your first 1,000 Email Subscribers and Make Your First $1,000 From Your Blog In 60 Days Or Less!
Fed up and frustrated with vague “strategies” and lame outdated “tips and tricks” about growing your audience and your blog?

You’re in the right place.

If you’re frustrated with your list size,

your blog’s audience growth

and your revenue numbers…

Your First $1K is your new best friend.

(you know, the one that calls you on your BS and won’t let you waste your time on dumb stuff).

A lot of people think that building their list and making real, meaningful income from blogging is some mythical, magical secret. It’s not.

It’s about creating value, educating your readers, and getting in front of the right audience.

When you sign up for Your First 1K you get:

8 weeks of guided, step by step list building and blog monetization lessons. Everything has been tried and tested by myself and my thousands of students.
A 70-page printable workbook, progress trackers, daily calendars and resource guides.
The exact methods I use to grow my list and that took me from <50 subscribers to over 1000 in 60 days.
The easiest, simplest way to create a product your growing audience will love and how to ship it fast.
Affordable and DIY solutions so you don’t have to spend a bunch while you’re still growing.
Ready-to-use templates, swipe copy, exact email sequences, EVERYTHING you need.
Simple but powerful strategies that work.

Your First $1K is FULL of step-by-step, actionable guides and strategies ready for you to implement and get real results.


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