Mark Mansons Models Attract Women Through Honesty

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Mark Mansons Models Attract Women Through Honesty

This latest revision comes on the tail end of finishing a new book to be published in 2016. Upon completing that book, I looked back through Models and once again felt that it was in need of an update, particularly in the writing department. I still feel good about the core ideas and advice of the book. But in the four years since I last touched it, my writing has improved by leaps and bounds and my explicative abilities have grown. So, once again, I combed through the text: concepts were clarified, advice was reworded to be more precise, and excessive nonsense was trimmed or removed entirely. This version of Models that you are reading right now is the clearest, most concise, and therefore, likely the most powerful version to date. I’m confident in that.

For older readers, changes include:

 Removing most of Chapter 1 and moving some sections to other parts of the book.

 Changing ‘True Confidence’ back to ‘non-neediness’ (the original term from the first version). I put ‘True Confidence’ in the second version of the book because I thought that it was more digestible to the average reader. In hindsight, I think it’s just a vague and “feel good” term. I always liked (and most readers still prefer) the original term that I totally made up out of thin air: non-neediness. This term has been re-instated along with added explanation of where it came from.

 Changing ‘False Confidence’ to narcissism. Narcissism is a new term entirely for the book and one that I think is more precise and comprehensible. Although I do think ‘False Confidence’ is a pretty accurate description of narcissism in most cases.

 Being more explicit about the ideas of consent, recognizing and responding to how women feel, and basically treating them like people and not objects. This was always implied in earlier versions of the book, but after being horrified at some of the emails I get from men and how they interpret the book, I’ve decided to be more explicit about this. This is a book about people speaking and relating to other people, not obtaining objects or status symbols.

 Cleaned up a lot of the writing. Made some sections less dry. Added a bit more humor.

 Deleted about 30 pages of unnecessary tangential stuff, repetitive explanations, and just long, rambly writing in places.

If you’re new to the book, don’t worry about the changes, just dive right into it. If you’re an older reader, then the first few chapters and the last few are the ones with the most added/changed, while Chapter 8 (formerly 9) is the one with the most removed.

In the end, although existing in a genre that’s considered by most to be a joke, I’m incredibly proud of this book. Not only did it birth me a career doing what I love, but I feel as though it took my wildest aspirations when I wrote it and surpassed them with ease. Most books die off after a couple years, but Models continues to chug along, as resilient and polarizing and vulnerable as ever, changing the lives of men in its wake.


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