Mat Steinwede – The Real Estate System

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Mat Steinwede – The Real Estate System

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Mat Steinwede is Australia’s super agent, called by John McGrath “Australia’s Best Agent” . Responsible for personally writing more than $2m in commissions each year, and he has a better than 90% close rate on listing presentations. He is selling in a part of Sydney where his sale price is routinely in excess of $1.5m.

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Product Description
Mat Steinwede The Real Estate System was originally recorded in 2005 over a six-month period at the height of Mat’s career. Mat is well known as a real estate superstar and corporate athlete. He entered the industry with no experience; just a passion for a career he could do well in when his role as a bouncer on Sydney’s notorious Oxford Street (Kings Cross) finished.

By industry demand Mat was brought back into the studio in 2010 to reflect on his original system and share the additional skills and knowledge he developed in his dedicated focus to perfect the Real Estate Residential Process. In this updated audio Mat shares the simple systems, visual tools and templates with you that he has developed over 15 years of trial and error.

The Mat Steinwede System has changed this nation’s real estate industry and influenced thousands of agents to perfect their processes by following the methods developed and used by one of Australia’s greatest real estate professionals.

Recorded and produced by leading real estate coach Lee Woodward, this program is everything you will everneed to reach your business vision – and beyond.

Program Focus

Promoting You, Creating the Difference
Winning the Business
Brilliant With Buyers
Pure Negotiation
Becoming a System
Committing to Your Clients
Vendor Management
Maintaining Peak Performance
Everything Costs Something
Stuck on a Level, Getting Back on Track


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