Matt Diggity – The LAB 2018

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Matt Diggity – The LAB 2018

Most online marketers get sucked in by expensive leased cars and mansions. Don’t get me started on the fake screenshots and earnings reports.And, it turns out a lot of those so called gurus are just rehashing the same old information, over and over.Repackaging what the’ve learned, putingt a slight twist on it and handing it off to you.

The one big problem with this? Well there are several but the biggest?

It’s all based on theory. On speculation.

In other words, maybe what they teach kind of works.

For awhile.

It maybe works for one of your sites, but not another. Why?

Why are you able to use what they taught you to get one site skyrocketing up the SERPs and a virtually identical site just sits there on page 8?

Theory. Speculation.

So we noticed this pattern occurring over and over in our industry for years.

And so Matt Diggity, myself, and Mark Luckenbaugh met in secret in Vegas, crammed into this tiny little booth in the back of a jam packed restaurant, and as we chatted we realized something.

We realized that no one in the industry was basing their wins on actual results based on real, repeatable tests.

As we chatted further, we all had a common approach.

The way that we had all become so successful was by deciding early on that theory and speculation was just NOT going to cut it.

Not in this world where competition becomes more fierce everyday.

We also realized that we knew a very small handful of big earners online who held the same values that we did. People who don’t just teach. They do. They produce.

So on that day, in that tiny little backroom booth-The Lab was born.

Born out of absolute necessity to help you take our wins, plug them into your systems and way of doing things and get real results based on actual, reputable tests.

We were simply sick to death of seeing hard working people like you get rehashed info that stalls online businesses fast.


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