MECLABS Email Messaging 2016 – Certified Email Marketing Professional

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MECLABS Email Messaging 2016 – Certified Email Marketing Professional

Email Marketing is an essential component of nearly every online marketing program. Getting the most from your email marketing efforts can be a daunting task. The MECLABS Email Messaging course will give you the tools you need to test and optimize your email campaigns – from email capture to sales conversion.

The cost of our courses is often recovered before all sessions are completed. Our students have reported immediate results from the testing and optimization techniques that they’ve learned in our courses and applied to their own online marketing campaigns.

Learn Proven Methodologies Based on Years of Research

Our research analysts have been conducting online marketing experiments for more than eight years with our research partners in many different industries and verticals. We’ve used our findings to develop a series of heuristic formulae to help today’s Internet marketer methodically step through their marketing campaigns and identify the areas that offer the greatest potential for improvement and financial ROI. In this course you will learn how to analyze several key areas of your email campaigns:

Email Messaging: Discover how to optimize email messages for deliverability, open rate, and clickthrough.
Email Landing Pages: The ultimate goal of most email campaigns is conversion. Learn how to design email landing pages that turn clicks into sales

Earn MECLABS Certification in Email Messaging

Once you’ve completed all six sessions, you will be eligible to take the online certification exam. If you are able to pass this important test, you will gain MECLABS Email Messaging Certification, including the use of our digital seal for your website or resume.


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