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“Who Else Wants To Learn Truly Advanced NLP Language Techniques That Go WAY Beyond Yes Sets, Embedded Commands & Stacked Presuppositions… So You Can Weave A Wand Of Linguistic Influence With Anyone… Anytime And Learn The Secrets To Unconsciously Prime Powerful Ideas Deep Inside Others… Guaranteed

Dear friend,

Have you ever:

  • Wanted to know the very latest advanced language patterns… that are so far beyond yes sets and stacked presuppositions that it makes “traditional” language patterns look like they are “kindergarten NLP?

  • Have you ever wondered what kind of techniques and persuasive processes leading NLP trainers are using today – that are decades beyond material taught in practitioner and master practitioner trainings of NLP?

  • Are you feed up with too many “arm bending” or “sleazy persuasion” techniques and would like to know how to influence others unconsciously and ethically?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this sales letter could be the most important letter you read this year.

Learn The Latest Advanced Language Patterns…

NLP is one of the most powerful personal change and communication technologies available in the world today. And like all good technologies it develops and changes as experts make new insights and learn how to create results quicker, better and more elegantly than has been taught before.

In the early days of NLP, and even many trainings taught today – there was a huge emphasis on pacing and leading, stacking presuppositions and using “Yes sets” when persuading others . While all of these are still useful there has been a sea of change in how master persuaders use the technology that goes way beyond the original skill set.

The truth is the patterns used by those who are leading the field have evolved greatly in the past ten years. The really good communicators don’t rely on “yes sets” or “stacked presuppositions” to influence others.

Such overt techniques are rarely used by masters anymore. Instead the world’s best communicators are able to weave words and use anecdotal stories to build covert causal patterns that bypass the recipient’s consciousness using the latest breakthroughs in the art of persuasion and change.

And now you can learn to do this too from one of the world’s finest NLP trainers.


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