Michael Breen – Create Your Own NLP

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He has created numerous tools, models and applications such as:

  • The Framing Tool
  • Conversational Timelines
  • The High Performance Coaching Model
  • The Hidden Submodality change process
  • The One Strategy That Always Works
  • Training Design & Group Facilitation Model
  • The society of NLP’s first ever Business Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses in the UK
  • And many others

After teaching over 25,000 students, co-founding the world’s largest NLP training school and generating numerous useful applications for applying NLP…

Michael kept getting asked one simple question…


eople wanted to know what’s the strategy for creating NLP so you can:

  • Come up with new techniques
  • Generate new NLP content and processes
  • How to translate formal NLP techniques into everyday conversational contexts
  • How to create new and novel NLP applications that solve common everyday problems in business, coaching, sports etc.

The fact that almost no-one knew how, perturbed him.

But the reason why was clear…


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