Michael Breen – Enhanced Sensory Acuity

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Michael Breen – Enhanced Sensory Acuity

Developing solid sensory acuity skills is a key skill every NLPer needs to develop to be really good with the technology. It is a foundation skill that runs across all of the work that you do using the toolset of NLP.

Sensory acuity refers to process of detecting, tracking and noticing patterns of sensory difference in others using our senses. When we say we are seeking to enhance our sensory acuity skills we mean we are looking to refine our sensory and perceptual skills, to be able to detect patterns withing the communication of the people we are working with, so we can do some activity.

The skill of sensory awareness is always present in any work we do with NLP. We are using what we observe in another persons communication, for some specific outcome, The potential outcomes we have are many but could include activities like setting an anchor or seeking to elicit or amplify a state, calibrate to when the person is in a trance state etc.


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