Michael Breen – Master Strategies of Motivation

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Michael Breen – Master Strategies of Motivation

What you’ll learn in this master class:

  • Why your brain has very good reasons why it hasn’t taken action to do the things you feel you
    should do (and what you can do about it)
  • How the way you represent the desired action has a huge impact on what signals that sends to your nervous system (that either enable or inhibit action)
  • The two key heuristics from neuroscience that have a HUGE impact on how and what you get motivated to do
  • Why you must leverage the rule of “signal strength” if you want to get yourself to consistently follow through without having to “think about it”
    Discover the three key criteria to check whenever you or anyone else suffers from a lack of “motivation” issue
  • Uncover the critical role your habituated tendencies play in blocking you from taking effective action and how to re-wire them
  • Find out about the number 1 meta-pattern that blocks you from being motivated. It’s the same pattern you will find whenever you procrastinate
  • You’ll learn how this one major limiting pattern can trip up all your efforts to use traditional motivation techniques
  • Discover fundamental truisms around change and what you need to do (and avoid) when changing behaviours in yourself or others
  • How to use sub-modalities to evoke motivation in yourself and others
  • The dramatic cost of “thinking we are thinking” on your productivity and results
  • What you need to do to make your goals a “no-brainer” compelling thing to do – so you don’t just talk about your goals but take consistent action
  • Discover the 5 major errors that people who find it difficult to motivate themselves make
  • Why punishing yourself into being motivated or “adrenaline jacking” is a lousy strategy over time and what to do instead so taking action become the easy and natural thing to do
  • A powerful strategy to motivate kids so you aren’t fighting them to do their homework, clean up etc.
  • How to identify where patterns of “stupid thinking” have been tripping you up and what to do about it
  • Which free tool Michael recommends can greatly help when trying to setup new behaviours
  • Learn the real truth behind how long it takes to wire up new habits and behaviours (it’s not 21 days)
  • Learn the little known but radical truth about meta-programs and which patterns have a huge impact on how your motivate yourself
  • Learn which 3 meta-programs you will want to track if you want to be able to elegantly motivate others



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