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Michael Breen – Mastering Conversational Change with NLP

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Michael Breen – Mastering Conversational Change with NLP

Michael Breen – Mastering Conversational Change with NLP

Discover the secrets to doing elegant conversational change with NLP so that your NLP sounds natural, forever eliminates the idea of resistance in your clients or loved ones and makes it so your conversational change processes flows naturally and easily.


Conversational change work and being able to do it eloquently is one of the most requested and most valued skills in all of NLP. And if you think conversational change work is all about getting good with the sleight of mouth patterns. Or if you think it’s all about using the latest slick language patterns or phrase book, then I think you are going to find that Michael is going to blow your mind wide open… as he unpacks what it means to do great conversational change work.

I’m going to have Michael cover the change fundamentals as I call them, which is understanding what really is change all about. So that when you are on the journey of creating a change conversation with someone, you are very clear about what you are there to do, what functions you are looking to apply and also what techniques and processes and skills, that once you have mastered, will greatly assist you in being able to do great conversation change work.

I’m also going to have Michael unpack and demystify a lot of the common myths that seem to abound in the NLP community about using scripts, language patterns and the fine line between assisting someone and being an intrusion.

Boundaries are going to be a key role in understanding how to be able to do change work and also to make sure that you are not the kind of NLPer who people could actually turn away from.

Also, I’m going to have Michael cover how you can use the meta Model, and Michael brings Framing Tool to generate all the sleight of mouth patterns and in fact many others.

And finally, I’m going to have Michael go through and give you an introduction into what it takes and what you need to be thinking and doing in order to be able to translate the overt techniques and procedures of NLP into practical and useful processes that you can deliver entirely conversationally.


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