Michael Breen – Taming That Cheeky Ol’ Monkey Mind

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Michael Breen – Taming That Cheeky Ol’ Monkey Mind

Learning to become mindful, to be able to let your mind rest, to discover inner peace, presence & resources you never knew existed is something that you can learn. In fact in many ways it is more of an intentional unlearning of the pattens and mental mind chou that keeps you stuck, unable to fully tap in to your potential.

Mindfulness can happen in a single breath.

It’s a joy that is open to you, when you choose the right method. Not every system of mindfulness is suitable for everyone.

Taming That Cheeky Ol’ Monkey Mind will show you a profoundly simply way to tame your mind.

With as little as a few minutes of intentional practice a day, you can quickly make dramatic leaps in your ability to quieten your mind, silence inner drama so you can bring 100% of the awareness on to yourself and the present moment.

Through practice you will develop the ability to have perfect clarity of thought, capable of transforming whatever situations you face. Have better relationships with yourself, loved ones and others.

To come to know yourself in a way you have never experienced before.

You’ll find your mind free to be totally at peace with whatever is arising, without trying to manipulate or change them or run away from them.

Where your mind doesn’t continually feel the need to spend time focused on the past or rushing to the future.

But can simply be present in the now – so you can enjoy more, live more and transform your life.

If that’s something you’d like to learn how to do, then you’ll want to get this training.

Inside this 95 minute training you’ll learn:


   What mindfulness really is. This super easy and powerful insight makes mindfulness really easy to do.
Discover how to access a mindful state intentionally and with ease. Free of jargon or complex ‘mindfulness’ rituals!
What really is going on that causes you to feel worn down, compressed or perturbed and what to do about them, so you can let your mind-body rest
The fascinating interplay between attention and perception that you didn’t know about and how the Weber–Fechner principle impacts how you experience what your mind-body is attending to at any moment
How by practicing Michael’s simple process for mindfulness frequently, you can free up huge amounts of energy that normally are wound up and expressed as stress and tension in the body
Discover how you can have much more ‘bandwidth’ to be present in the moment that you are in… and not find your mind wandering and distracted
The critical difference between mindfulness and awareness that many people get wrong and which gets in the way of developing mindfulness
Realise powerful insights on mindfulness that can instantly leap frog your ability to become mindful in any moment
If you’ve ever wondered what exactly you are trying to do, to experience mindfulness, this training will clear things up greatly
How to ‘debug’ and unclutter your mind – so your mind and senses can rest
Discover how much ‘stuff’ you have already on your mind and how you can develop the habit of dehabituating stress triggers quicker than you thought possible
Let Michael show you how you can become more here and more present using simple mindful processes that both novice or seasoned meditator can apply for great results
How you can discover your patterns of thought and energy that create loops of distraction, unease and tension
Get out of stress traps by refusing to accept parasitic self-paradoxes that are sold…There’s nothing quite like the pain of vainly trying to solve an unsolvable riddle!
Why so many people fail to develop mindfulness… and it’s not their fault.
The number 1 mistake to avoid that most trainings on mindfulness train in to their students… that cause so many people to simply give up in frustration. Michael’s going to show you the super-easy way to develop real mindfulness that works like
Why the payoffs for developing mindfulness are far in excess of the costs… once you approach it so that it becomes easy and accessible … which Michael will teach you in this training
How to release your mind from the stress response so you can be at ease with as little as five minutes training twice a day
What gets in the way of be able to experience mindfulness
When mindfulness is NOT an appropriate solution to chronic problems
How so much of mindfulness has become a ‘thing’ in the West and how our expectations get in the way of blocking mindfulness from occurring
Why you are not studying ‘the way’ of mindfulness and why you need to be clear about exactly what you are seeking… (Michael shows you how easy mindfulness can be)
Why you don’t need to spend ’50 years’ to become mindful!
How you can use your mind to calm your mind and your body to calm your mind
How you can use your environment to calm your mind
What to consider when evaluating mindfulness protocols so you know if they are right for you
Why so many mindfulness programs fail to create mindfulness… and actually induce stress and frustration!
How everyone has several areas in their life where they already experience mindfulness (even if they don’t know it) … and how you can rapidly leverages these resources to access mindfulness with ease
Why you don’t have to close your eyes or mediate to become mindful. (Thankfully this program doesn’t try to force you to only one way to become mindfulness.)
How to create the opportunity for mindfulness in everyday areas of your life… so you actively engage a mindful state when you want or need
Getting out of stress traps by refusing to accept parasitic self-paradoxes. There’s nothing quite like the pain of vainly trying to solve an unsolvable riddle that you set for yourself… and then pretended you had nothing to do with it…
Hear Michael share the ‘practical advantage’ mindfulness helps him in business, conflict and with loved ones
Let go of a a very common cultural trap that hundreds of millions have bought in to and what you can do to rid yourself of it forever frees you up to be more at ease
Simple mindfulness exercises Michael learned from Buddhism, acting school and therapy that anyone can do to… this one cool exercise literally shifted my own experience of the moment – creating a sense of ‘forever now’
When you develop the ability to access mindfulness in any moment you are freed up to let others “do their dance” without getting sucked in to drama
Counter-intuitive insights like why intentionally counting or holding your breath can get in the way of developing mindfulness
Mind hacks: Hear one of the coolest mind-hacks that came from Buddhism about which posture habits to use to quickly calm your mind down or increase your energy
How you can use the meta Model as a tool for spiritual enlightenment and freedom so you liberate yourself from the noise that abounds and projected at us from all areas of modern society
Discover over a dozen different simple and highly effective ‘mindfulness’ practices that you can use
The one resource Michael recommends if you want to go deeper in to mindfulness based approaches in a way that is highly practical and science base


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