Michael Hall – Mastery Skills Training

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Michael Hall – Mastery Skills Training

30 videos

If you have heard about meta-States, then you know about the possibility of Running Your Own Brain taking charge of your own life. Now experience it in a new and simplified format by the developer himself, L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

*      How to set empowering frames of mind for top-level functioning
*      How to Commission & Install your Inner Executive for excellence & expertise
*      The tools for mastery, NLP and meta-State Distinctions
*      meta-States: The “Thoughts in the Back of your Mind” that may or may not serve you well.
*      The Inner Power Trip to Discover Your Inner Executive States.
*      Learn how to totally own your response-powers for your Power Zone.
*      How to Make Your Higher Mind an Active Boss: Commissioning Your Executive.
*      How to Set Executive Policies as your own chosen Operational Ideas.
*      The Installation Process: How to Make Your Executive States Stick.
*      How to Execute Executive Decisions: The Art of Incorporation.
*      How to Align Conflicting Executives.
*      How to Manage Your Higher Levels & put your meta-mind to work for you.

BECAUSE You never leave home without your Executive States Your higher level meta-States play a pervasive and governing role in your everyday experiences and control how you think, feel, speak, and behave. They set the frame for your life. They allow you to tap into your highest expertise and they can also sabotage you from fulfilling relationships, work, hobbies, etc.

But now YOU can take complete control over these conscious & unconscious frames.

Now YOU can determine and set the frames that you want to run your life.

That’s what the meta-State Model is all about :

Personal Development and Personal Excellence.

Dr. Hall has also been working on Simplifying meta-States in order to make it more accessible. And now YOU can learn this direct and immediately applicable approach to Personal Mastery Skills and the Key Secrets to Awakening Your Inner Executive in this first, and exclusive Mastery Skills Training Program.

Set includes 30 one hour DVD’s


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