Michael Hall – Neurosemantics – MetaCoach Reflections 2009

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Michael Hall – Neurosemantics
MetaCoach Reflections 2009


I began writing the meta-Coach Reflections in 2009. I wrote each of the following Reflectionsonce a week throughout the year and sent them out to the meta-Coaches egroup. The purpose was to provide some ongoing support the training and development of meta-Coaches. Because the Coaching Mastery training of Module III is so intense and packed, these Reflections are also designed to continue that coaching bootcamp experience, and to offer refinements to the
model by responding to the questions that meta-Coaches have asked.
Since 2007 I had been thinking about and talking with several people about re-designing the meta-Coach Training. Then in early 2009 after the meta-Coach Training in Mexico, Omar Salom and I had a conversation talked about which solidified my thinking. From that conversation, I redesigned the Training, submitted it to the group of meta-Coach Trainers and then beginning in Sweden in September, Auckland in October, Pretoria South Africa in October, and Sydney in November we introduced the new format. You will find many of the Reflections about that
change. As I look back on the Reflections in this first year, a great many were on the Well-Formed Outcome and KPI, and many were on the skills of Coaching. The most controversial was on Michael Jackson, I must have received 40 responses to that one!
To your highest and best
L. Michael