Michael Hall Neurosemantics – MetaCoach Reflections 2012

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Michael Hall Neurosemantics
 MetaCoach Reflections 2012

The following articles were posted on the meta-Coach egroup during 2012 as ongoing support
for the exclusive egroup of Certified meta-Coaches.
1) Coaching
The Coach’s Goal in a Coaching Session (1)
But Why do I need a Coach? (2)
“You are not Your Backhand!” (3)
Coaching to Facilitate Learning (4)
Are you meta-Stating in your Coaching (5)
Detecting Conversations in the Back of the Mind (6)
Discerning Client’s needs if Ready for Coaching (7) (Tom Kelsall)
Curing the Disease of Prison Thinking (Femke Stuut) (9)
Self-Actualizing Companies and the 3 Bottom Lines (10)
Hypnotic Coaching (11, 12)
Questions about meta-Coaching (13)
Selling Coaching to a Business (14)
Being the Conversation (15)
Languaging and the Conversation you are (16)
What Conversation are You and Your Client (17)
Detecting frames Hidden within (18)
The Art of Priming (Parts I, II, and III) (19, 20, 22)
Transformational Listening (21)
You Have to Coach if you want to Benchmark (23)
A Neophyte, Again! (24)
“I Just want to push for Excellence, comfortably” (25)
You are the Crucible (26)
Introducing meta-Coaching: Getting the Core Right (27)
The Ruthless Compassion Facilitation Model (28)
The Crucible Axes of Change (29)
The Art of Hearing meta-Levels (30)
Coaching and Consulting series (31, 32, 33)
The 8th Question: Kinds of Coaching Conversations (34)
Detecting Questions (35)
Demonstrative Selling (36)
Coaching Self-Actualization (37)
The meta is in the Details (38)
Less is More/ Slower is Quicker (40)
Check-listing Yourself as a Self-Actualizing Coach (41)
Are you Secure enough to Truly Listen (43)
A meta-Coach’s Job (44)
I Heard Graham Richardson Coach (45)
No Failure, Just learning and Trying Again (46)
Coaching Belief Change (48)
The Art of Dealing with Weasel Words (50)
The Coming PCMC Explosion (53)