Michael Hall – Prolific Writing Workshop

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Michael Hall
Prolific Writing Workshop

This is a recording of Micheal Hall’s writing workshop. I bought it a few years ago on tape, and I think it’s not available anymore.

Seeing that we are just adding tons of Michael Hall stuff through the Rare NLP group buy, I thought uploading this is a good fit.

I have not listened to the MP3 version, so I’m not 100% sure if it’s complete.

1) Several NLP formats for resourceful writing states.

2) A detailed and very effective strategy, chunking the writing process from getting the idea to publishing in 7 steps. The strategy suits well for non-fiction writing. Using this strategy will speed up your writing a lot, while at the same time producing writing of higher quality.

3) A few more NLP patterns to blow out writer’s block, enhance creativity, enhance efficiency.