Michael Winn – Healing Tao Home Study Audio Course

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Michael Winn – Healing Tao Home Study Audio Course

Cultivate Sexual Vitality [17 CD – 110 MP3s]

Healing Love –
Taoist Sexual Secrets
for Health & Bliss
Michael Winn & Joyce Gayheart
Secrets of transforming sexual energy into radiant health
Specific sexual cultivation practices for men & women
No partner needed – solo & dual cultivation practice
Enjoy whole-body, continuous Spiritual Orgasm
How to regenerate & recycle sex energy
Prevent and heal sexual dysfunction, PMS, etc.
Heal the deep split between men and women
Sexual Vitality Qigong DVD (also helps weight loss)
9 Major Benefits of Healing Love:
Taoist Sexual Secrets
Sexual energy is the single most powerful evolutionary force within humanity. If we learn to properly direct this energy within our bodies and our relationships, we live longer and more happily. If we squander it unwisely, we live short and unsatisfying lives. If we infuse sexual essence into the alchemical marriage of our body and soul, it activates the process of birthing our immortal self.

The 9 Major Benefits of Healing Love Audio Courses:
Get a clear understanding of what sexual energy really is – and why it is so confusing in relationships, and subject of so much cultural taboo, political and religious repression. Why cultivating our sexual essence is the key to spiritual freedom, and the secret ingredient in the inner alchemical process of crystallizing body, mind, and spirit into our true self.

Find out the hidden sexual tension between the three levels of sexual identity we each have: physically sexed male or female body, a bi-sexual (androgynous) Energy Body, and a pre-sexual, genderless Original Spiritual Body. Understanding “the Fall” of Original Spirit into separate male and female bodies is a powerful realization. This alone can release much sexual-spiritual frustration, and puts the battle of the Sexes into clear perspective.

Discover the different paths of Taoist sexual energy cultivation available to you. Medical sexology for healing biological dysfunction: the bedroom art of dual cultivation to enhance love relationships, or the single cultivation path. Solo practice transforms the sexual potential of the essence within your own body, whether masturbating or meditating.

Men will get Michael’s 25 years insight into the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Learn the best techniques to shift the male sexual impulse from Ejaculation to INjaculation – refinements not in the classic Taoist Secrets of Love book Michael wrote 20 years ago with Mantak Chia. How sexual essence (jing chi) can best be recirculated in the orbit or other internal pathways. Why Viagra is dangerous to sexual health. Updates on Cool Draw testicle breathing, power lock, hidden danger of using the million dollar point, why its better to ejaculate than feel guilt over lost seed. How to prevent pre-mature ejaculation.

Women will get Joyce’s 25 years insight (and Michael’s medical opinion) into best ways to manage the holy “blood sacrifice” made by women each month. Ovarian Breathing, breast massage, jade egg exercises, deep womb meditation, healing infertility and frigidity issues. Choosing whether to reduce the loss of sexual-blood essence (and PMS) or voluntarily “slay the red dragon” of menstrual cycles entirely. How to redirect blood essence to creative projects and spiritual realization. Managing hot flashes and natural hormone circulation for post-menopausal women.

Learn to stimulate the different types of orgasm that are possible for everyone to experience. The short-lived genital physical orgasm, the long wave vital organ-Energy Body orgasm, or the smooth, continuous bliss of a whole body-mind Spiritual (Valley) Orgasm. How men and women filter their sexual attractions to other people differently via jing, chi, and shen levels (roughly equivalent to physical, energy, and spiritual bodies).

Secrets of subtle energy body sex and orgasm between partners, with physical touching or at a distance. How outer sexual alchemy – exchange of sexual fluids and sexual intercourse – is different from inner sexual alchemy – copulation of inner male and inner female psychic forces. Use of a pink inner pearl to help crystallize blood and sperm essences.

Explore the yin-yang of relationships between men and women; how the same principles govern both hetero- and homo- sexual relations. Why hot passionate sex tends to fade over time, even if love remains, and what to do about it. How to achieve harmony: the role of neutral force (yuan chi) in creating an eternal “love child” that may outlast the sexual relation. Techniques to amplify sexual energy during love-making between couples. Using different positions and methods to stimulate exchange via energy channels and key acu-points. Alchemical art of exchanging heart blood with sexual fire.

Learn how to best use Sexual Vitality Qigong. The DVD gives all the forms, but audio course gives more detailed internal explanation. It’s a collection of 25 of the world’s best sexual energy and kidney-building qigong forms Michael gathered over two decades from top masters in China and elsewhere. Correct qigong practice is a key secret to rapidly enhancing one’s sexual potential. Strong kidneys will also help people lose weight faster.


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