Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions – Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation

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Mike Mandel – Hypnotic Power Inductions

Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation


In nearly 40 years of professional hypnosis, it disturbs me when I hear someone say, “A light hypnotic trance is all that’s needed to create change!”. I’ve heard this at least a couple of hundred times. Yes, it is true that you can fix all kinds of problems with nothing more than a light hypnotic trance, if you are a highly skilled hypnotist…

Why do so many people endlessly trumpet the value of a light trance? Becaue it’s all they’re capable of inducing in their subjects! When poorly trained hypnotists run into someone they can’t hypnotize what do they do? They blame in on the subject. They say the subject is “resistant” or “unhypnotizable”.

It’s funny because my students and I don’t seem to run into any of these “bad subjects” …

Deep Trance is the “Working State” of Hypnosis

Those of us in the know are fully aware that deep trance, or the somnambulistic state, is where you want your subject to be. This is because deep trance is the “working state” of hypnosis; where the real changework happens. When your subject is in a deep hypnotic state, you can do anything you can do in a light trance, but you can also produce amnesia, time distortion, post hypnotic suggestion, and a host of other deep trance phenomena. This is the state I routinely work with, as anyone who’s seen me train will readily attest.

Poorly Trained Hypnotists Bore Subjects into Trance!

The problem is, the vast majority of hypnotists in today’s world are poorly trained, if they’ve received any training at all. They rely on reading scripts to their subjects, or use outdated and ineffective methods. The progressive relaxation induction is an example of this, in which the hypnotist spends so much time inducing hypnosis by endlessly getting the subject to relax, that he essentially bores the subject into trance – and it’s usually a light one.

This Hypnotic Power Inductions Program is the Solution!

For this reason, I have created Hypnotic Power Inductions. This program is for all experienced hypnotists, whether stage, street, casual or therapist; anyone who wants to push their trance induction skills through the roof. The program was professionally filmed at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto in 2012, during my Architecture of Hypnosis course. In this online video program watch me work with 6 different unprepared subjects, using my Neo-Ericksonian approach, teaching these powerful inductions to a class of therapists and professional hypnotists.


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