Milton Erickson – Lecture and Demonstration 1962 San Diego

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Milton Erickson
 Lecture and Demonstration 1962 San Diego

San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis 1962

The Presentation to the San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis, April 29, 1962, is a recording of a lecture by Dr. Erickson from beginning to end. The five titles: That Which Occurs Within (69 min), The Inward Orientation (73 min), Frigidity & Impotence (61 min), The Individual Approach (57 min), Common Sense Suggestion (68 min), correspond with the five chapters contained in an edited transcript which is sold as The Seminars of Milton H. Erickson, No.1 (see page 12). This seminar describes essential differences between traditional hypnosis and the more versatile practice of modern hypnosis. Information on specific clinical problems, including sexual dysfunction, pain management, psychosomatic problems, and parent-child issues, is presented.