Milton Erickson – On Problem Drinkers

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Milton Erickson
On Problem Drinkers

Milton H. Erickson was the leading medical hypnotist of his time and founder of a school of directive, strategic therapy. In His Own Voice are recorded discussions he had with Jay Haley.

On this CD, Haley begins with a brief overview of Erickson’s ideas on alchoholics followed by a discussion with Erickson on a number of cases highlighting his interventions. Erickson describes one case in which he helped an alchoholic’s wife feel less helpless by instructing her to take a sum of money equal to the amount her husband spent on liquor and using it for herself. The four cases covered include: The Liquor Deposit, An Alchoholic Pilot, Hiding the Liquor and The Alchoholic Who Hates Her Mother