MindShift – The Ultimate Success Course Steve Chandler

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MindShift – The Ultimate Success Course
The human system wants challenges.  It was designed for challenges.  It does not simply want comfort.

The mind thinks it only wants comfort because it sees so many advertisements that sell comfort as the ultimate good thing.  So it tries to comfort itself.  It avoids challenge. But challenge is where the joy is. And MIND-shifting is the ultimate challenge.

FOUR Ways Your Life Will Change
 When You Learn to Shift Your Mind. By Steve Chandler

1.  Imagine you are in a far off country where there are very few automobiles and you yourself have never driven one.

What is a mind shift, anyway? Someone gives you a beautiful sports car with a manual shift (the best kind) and you get in to drive.  You manage to get it into first gear and you begin driving and all seems good.  But soon, as you want to go faster—but you don’t know how to shift—the engine starts to whine.  Loudly.  The car shakes.  You are in dysfunction!  Why?  You don’t know how to shift.

The mind is the same.  Your mind is just like that.  A gift.  A sports car.  When you can see this clearly, your life has already changed.

2.  You will lose a sensation you never liked but always thought was normal.  What is that sensation?  Being at the mercy of… Being at the effect of … Having your happiness depend on … This feeling of having your mood being at the mercy of others can be shifted.  The Steve Chandler audio success course will shift it temporarily while you’re listening, and then it will show you how to shift it perpetually and automatically through the magic of practice.  Practice makes what used to be hard seemingly automatic.

3.  Any confusion you had about how to be a spiritual person and a prosperous person simultaneously will shift upward to encompass both concepts.  You’ll even learn how the two benefit each other.

4.  You’ll shift money to neutral.  You can neutralize what used to scare you, and what carries a greater emotional charge than money?  That’s why people are better at playing Monopoly than they are at the great game board of professional life.  Money fear.  When you shift money to neutral you can charge any fee or price you like without fear of rejection.  Because when money is neutral there can be no rejection.  You offer your dinner guest coffee and he says, “No thank you,” do you feel rejected?  You probably don’t feel anything at all.  That’s where you want to be around money.  That’s where you will shift to.


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