Neil Bright – Rethinking Everything: Personal Growth through Transactional Analysis

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Neil Bright – Rethinking Everything
Personal Growth through Transactional Analysis

If fewer things in life are more common than talented people who are unsuccessful, it is equally true that fewer things in life are more common than otherwise healthy people making themselves miserable.

Combining widely-accepted concepts of human behavior with elements from Rational Emotive Therapy, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and most prominently Transactional Analysis, Rethinking Everything explores in immediately understandable terms why we act as we do, how we frequently undermine our relationships, why we often cripple our potential, and how we can take greater control of our lives.

By providing the language, real-life examples, and behavioral explanations to label, recognize, and examine dysfunctional conduct, Rethinking Everything empowers an awareness-inspired journey towards self-improvement. To that end, the expectation is not for readers of this book to save the world, but rather for those internalizing its insights to rethink everything in saving their own more personal universe.