NICABM – Brain Science 2013

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 NICABM – Brain Science 2013

With neuroplasticity, extraordinary change is possible and could awaken your greatest potential today

Learn how to get anyone ready and eager to change with brain science strategies that work for even the most skeptical patients.

Old man sad

“I think my dad might be depressed,” said a man as he brought his 92-year-old father to a physician’s office.

The physician spoke with the father, but wasn’t so sure . . .

. . . he just seemed withdrawn, vacuous, and disconnected. He said that his relationships didn’t matter.

So what was wrong?

The father remembered facts about his childhood, but not actual experiences – a possible clue?
Business Man

So here was the practitioner’s hypothesis . . . his two hemispheres weren’t integrated. Though he had left brain reasoning, he didn’t have much right brain awareness of his emotional or social self.

He was living with “half a brain.”

So the practitioner gave him one simple exercise – something to do every time he came into the office – his brain started to change itself.

And over time, with more treatment, his attitude changed, too. His presence changed. His relationships with his children and grandchildren improved.

This story gets to the heart of why practitioners need to incorporate brain science in their practice.
His life changed – because his brain changed.
Happy Old Man

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the new brain science can empower clients to think more clearly, learn more easily, strengthen memory, and build better relationships.

But there’s so much information (with more coming out every day) and few of us are neuroscientists.

Practitioners tell us that their number one obstacle to using brain science is complexity.
What if you could cut through all the theory and the thousands
of research articles and quickly identify specific interventions
that could rewire your patients’ brains?

Imagine boiling the latest developments down to clear, simple principles you could implement after just minutes of study. This program will get you there.


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