nicamb – How to Help Clients Build Resilience

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nicamb – How to Help Clients Build Resilience

How do we help clients cultivate resilience? How do we help them change the way they respond to stress so that they thrive during challenges?

How to Help Your Clients Experience the Life-Changing Transformation of True Resilience

A Comprehensive, Practical Training Focused on Helping Clients Develop and Maintain Stronger Resilience

The Part of the Brain We Must Target to Promote Resilience
How Secure Relationships can Rewire the Brain for Greater Resilience
The One Part of our Childhood That Most Impacts Resilience
How to Help your Clients Develop a “Positivity Bias”
The “Shuttle Diplomacy” Approach for Integrating the Two Hemispheres of the Brain
How to Help Clients Keep their Prefrontal Cortex from Getting Bumped Offline
The Study that Turned Stress Theory Upside-down
How to Create a “Left Shift” in the Brain to Build Stronger Neural Connectivity and Resilience
How Compassion Training can Disarm Fear and Reduce Suffering
What Star Trek can Teach us about Sustainable Resilience
Case Study: How One Practitioner Regained Emotional Balance after a Tragedy
How to use Mental Training to Disrupt the Patterns That Lead to Self-Blame
The Powerful Stress-reducing Effect of the “Self-Compassion Break”
The Practitioner’s Vital Role in Helping Clients Reactivate Healthy Neuroplasticity

This program walks you through resilience – from its neurobiological origins to practical strategies and solutions.

Get 4 Bonuses That Give You Even More Strategies to Help Clients Build and Maintain Resilience:

Bonus 1 – Resilience Strategies for Children
You’ll get two powerful, unique approaches for helping children quickly and effectively develop resilience.

Bonus 2 – Supporting Caregivers
8 tips on how to build and maintain resilience for your patients who are caregivers themselves.

Bonus 3 -Digital Resilience “Cheat Sheet”
This tool contains 9 simple, immediately useable strategies your patients can apply, no matter what the situation.

Bonus 4 -Sleep Your Way to Stronger Resilience
Resilience requires sleep. One of the world’s foremost sleep experts shares simple ways to help your clients improve their sleep to develop sustained resilience over time.


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