Norman Vaughton Dave Elman induction for therapy

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Norman Vaughton – Dave Elman induction for therapy


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David Elman has developed a very powerful ways to induce a deep trance – quickly and efficiently. Some of the most profound level of trance that can be caused by the level of general anesthesia are similar to coma. Elman has developed a “high-speed” irrational ways to access customer information to bypass the conscious and rational process, and effective techniques for working with his unconscious.

Davу Elman methods are extremely authoritarian and prescriptive and very contrasted with those techniques, which typically Norman Vaughton and uses. However, they are very useful addition to the therapist’s skills, as there are certain situations and certain customers where these methods may be the only available and effective working tools.

Dave Elman and Milton Erickson worked at one time, but developed very contrasting methods and approaches. Today we have the opportunity to combine the creative and effective use of both approaches.


Author: Norman Vaughton
Duration 7 h 20 min..


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