Ormond McGill – 21st Century Hypnotherapy Training

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Ormond McGill
21st Century Hypnotherapy Training

Ormond McGill, The Dean of American Hypnotists, was, and still is, a legend in the field of hypnotism. This 5-DVD reissued course includes never before seen personal footage of Ormond McGill, as well as Ormond’s amazing hypnosis methods and techniques that he taught in Bath England in 2003. These teachings were provided in unison with his esteemed colleague, Tom Silver. In this 5-DVD set, you will learn some of Ormond’s rare hypnosis induction methods including The Ladder of Colors, The Blindfold Induction Method, The Clock Induction Method, and more, as well as Mesmer’s unique style of Mesmeric Passes to induce the hypnotic state non-verbally. Every hypnotist should have this 5-DVD set for their collection and knowledge!


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