Patrick Porter – Discover the Language of the Mind

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Patrick Porter – Discover the Language of the Mind


Discover the Language of the Mind; The Hypnotist’s Guide to Psycho-Linguistics by Patrick K. Porter, PhD was previously published as Psycho-Linguistics; The Language of the Mind. This fully revised edition includes updates on dozens of new developments in the hypnosis field, full transcripts for each of the eleven processes, which includes two never-before published techniques as developed and tested by Dr. Patrick Porter and the experts at Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers®.

Psycho-Linguistics is a practical guide to the combined theories of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Creative Visualization and Accelerated Learning—a perfect “mind guide” for experienced hypnotists and psychotherapists or for anyone seeking a quick, easy, step-by-step method for self-improvement and enhanced communication.

Over the years I spoke with dozens of Positive Changes clients who picked up Psycho-Linguistics simply to better understand the theory and science behind the Positive Changes program and found themselves fascinated by the inner workings of the mind. Now, with Discover the Language of the Mind, the book is more useful and intriguing than ever before. Dr. Porter added several real-life examples to help the reader better understand how each process works. While Psycho-Linguistics was clearly a book for the practitioner, Discover the Language of the Mind has something for everyone.

Professional hypnotists and psychotherapists will find the book even more valuable than before. Each technique in Discover the Language of the Mind includes both a step-by-step guide and a full-session transcript. Novices will likely find the transcripts handy as well. They may wish to read a transcript into a tape recorder and then play it back when relaxing or at bedtime.

Dr. Porter took a great book and made it even better. With new sections on the history of hypnosis, the workings of the conscious and other-than-conscious levels of mind, and great new techniques on “The Power of the Past,” and the “Swish” pattern for eliminating bad habits such as nail-biting, Discover the Language of the Mind is informative and at the same time a “mesmerizing” read.


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