Paul Janka – Beyond the Digits

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Paul Janka – Beyond the Digits


Paul Janka – Beyond the Digits

Paul Janka made a big entry into both the seduction community and the mainstream media in 2008. After writing an infamous short guide called “Getting laid in NYC” a couple of years back, a guide which was fast spreading on the internet, he was invited on Dr. Phil and the Tyra Banks’ shows, among others. He made big waves with his completely unapologetic approach to meeting women and “closing the deal”.

Following this mainstream exposure, Janka released this DVD set late 2008 to teach his techniques to the masses. This is a very interesting program. Janka is not an old member of the “seduction community” – therefore his take on the game is fairly new and many of his ideas are original, which is refreshing when many products are now rehashing old theories. Janka’s approach is also very straight-forward and simplifies everything – no fancy diagrams here, but a “system” that is basically a variation of the old “it’s a numbers’ game”.


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