Paul Mascetta – Paramount NLP

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Paul Mascetta – Paramount NLP

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The one single thing needed in order to create personal excellence in both your life and the lives of others
What you must know if you truly want to mater the art of getting others to do what you want them to
How to quickly identify what makes up a person’s life and how to utilize that information to create thought and behavioral change in them
The secret to directing someone’s thought patters to where you want them to be

How to transfer the excellence that one person has achieved to another person (including yourself)
How to create perfect harmony between you and your subject so he fully trusts and looks forward to what you have to say
A special tool that allows you to disagree with people (this is just the reality of life) without losing their trust or cooperation

How to master sensory awareness and break current trances or thought states to move people to your desired action
How to break traditional thoughts patterns and move people to desired outcomes with ease
The key to mastering behavioral flexibility so you can get people to finally take the actions needed to positively change their lives
The first step in understanding how people view the world so you can create the desired change within them

The secret to understanding how people’s internal representations are created so you can subliminally influence their thought process
An iron clad method for dealing with resistance and differing points of view so you always get what you want
Six powerful questions that will shatter your chances of failing more than once at something

The secret to ensuring that your message always resonates positively with your target
The two things you must know about communication in order for people to accept and respect you

The key to achieving a desired outcomes with the fewest attempts possible
The number one reason why people feel stuck and frustrated in their lives and how to easily overcome it to achieve greatness
How to use your targets thoughts and behaviors as a template to gaining his trust and loyalty

How to effectively tap into the subconscious mind and utilize it’s facilities to your advantage
Six things you MUST know about the strengths and weaknesses and both the conscious and subconscious mind so you can influence each accordingly
The key to truly understanding “mind processing” so you can easily permeate the thoughts and behaviors of just about anyone
How to understand and use memories to create desired change just like professional psychologists
How to master the the Reticular Activating System (RAS) within the human brain to truly move people to the direction of your choice
And much, much more!


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