Paul Mascetta – Stealth Magnetism

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Paul Mascetta – Stealth Magnetism

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“Would You Like To See The Secret Influence Strategy That I Only Showed To My Inner Circle?”
“The One That Magnetically Draws People To You And Unlocks Your Charisma?”

In my Elite Influence Master Coaching Class, we had a weekly teleseminar on Stealth Magnetism and it was VERY eye-opening for a lot of people because it showed them a way of looking at the process of influencing others in a much clearer manner which in turn made it easier for them to execute.

Now that I know Stealth Magnetism actually works, I’m in the process of creating home study course on it at an affordable price.

That’s going to take a while but as a stepping stone, I’ve now decided to begin releasing these exclusive calls as part of my mission to get this information into the hands of the rest of my subscriber list…which includes you.

Package includes: 1 hour teleseminar in mp3 format, full transcription and two mind maps

Here’s A Snap Shot Of What Is Covered On The First Call
The mechanics of Stealth Magnetism and why knowing them will forever change and improve the way you influence others
Why you’re sometimes “super-powerful” when it comes to communicating and other times not so much and how to change it so you gain more control
The one thing you must do for people (above everything else) that keeps them drawn to you
The four components you must have in place to activate stealth magnetism in your life
Five things you can begin doing today to get people drawn to you and wanting to listen and comply with you

Extract from the OTO 1
Here’s A Snap Shot Of What Is Covered On This Call
The truth about IQ and how you can make yourself smarter and more savvy at being influential
The difference between the 2 different mind sets that a person can have and how to utilize the one that serves you in executing your influential power
The key to creating REAL confidence when executing the strategies & techniques in Stealth Magnetism like NLP, conversational hypnosis and hypnotic language patterns
How to identify, conquer and fully reverse any negative beliefs about your ability to execute your influential strategies with elegance & precision
My time tested, proven 5 step process for completely breaking out of your shell and beginning a conversation or social interaction with anyone so you can have them respect, admire & trust you
The four major causes of fear and how you can reverse them to gain rapid confidence when practicing stealth influence
Five proven techniques for rewiring your mind when getting ready to hypnotically influence someone so you pull it off in spectacular fashion with ease


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