Paul McKenna – Positivity Collection

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Paul McKenna – Positivity Collection
This amazing new CD box set is for you! As you listen to it, the latest psychological techniques
will automatically supercharge your life with enthusiasm. Based on research over the last 20
years Paul McKenna will share with you the world’s best kept secrets of motivation power. The
hypnotic sections will help you to re-programme your mind and body to turn each problem into a
challenge and create a compelling desire to achieve your goals.

‘How to use the powerful beliefs of geniuses and highly successful people’ will help you
understand how the leading achievers solve problems, get motivated and think in ways that make
them better than the rest. Over the years Paul McKenna has enjoyed the rare opportunity to work
with many geniuses, business leaders and sports champions. He has been able to distil some of
their strategies and now he wants to pass them on to you. The amazing techniques on this audio
programme will help you to embed these powerful positive beliefs deep in your unconscious mind so
that you automatically begin to think like a winner.


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