Paul Scheele – Gratitude Paraliminal

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 Paul Scheele – Gratitude Paraliminal

 4 MP3, eBook – 1 PDF

Welcome the magic and fullness of life

Using it helps you become truly grateful for everything in your life. Your health, family, friends, home, work, finances, books, movies, transportation, clothing…

And it helps you activate a power greater than you might realize.

When gratitude becomes a way of being, gratitude is the most favorable environment for manifestation.

It is a powerful force to create whatever you want to be in your life from positive emotions… to perfect health… to loving relationship… to luxury goods.

When you are failing to manifest your desires, it is generally because there’s little genuine belief behind them. Instead there’s a natural tendency to focus on the lack of the thing you want, and this condition of lack is the antithesis of gratitude.

When you live with gratitude in your heart, you constantly affirm all that is right and desirable with your life. Focus on what you have, and you’ll get more of what you want.


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