Paul Scheele – Seeing The Unseen Paraliminal

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 Paul Scheele – Seeing The Unseen Paraliminal

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What if a wizard could wave a wand giving you

~freedom from worries about money and the ability to use your gifts to earn more in a meaningful way,
~new strength when you feel overwhelmed, automatically and effectively responding with ease
~open your heart to forgiveness for self-healing, love and turbocharge your intentions,
~harness your powers of observation leading to a whole new level in your problem solving, decisions, actions

What would you do with these magical powers?

Live the life you long for?

Fulfill the greatness you sense within you?

Enjoy the work you were born to do, the love you were born to give and receive, and all the riches life can offer?

What if that wizard was you?

What if…
your own beautiful, brilliant, unbounded human mind is the doorway to every power, when you have the keys to unlock it?

Those keys are called


Uncover new answers, insights, and ideas

Have you ever wanted Sherlock Holmes’ remarkable proficiencies of observation and logical reasoning?

Paul Scheele says you have remarkable capacities of perception waiting to be tapped. Every image and sound can be observed and acted upon.

And thanks to Seeing the Unseen Paraliminal, you can turn on your powers of observation so that your brain recognizes patterns and makes important connections.

It helps you disregard distractions, see unseen details, quickly make associations, and solve the mysteries around you. As a result, you improve the quality of your decisions, bring greater clarity and ease to your life, and manifest what you choose.

Brain scientists estimate your eyes and brain routinely process 10 million bits of information a second, yet you consciously only perceive 40 bits of the information being processed. That’s because the perceptional defense mechanisms in the brain limit what registers with the conscious mind. This keeps you from being overwhelmed by too much stimulation. It’s really a matter of survival.

But with this Paraliminal you can use these heightened senses and your full processing bandwidth to your advantage…zooming in, magnifying, cranking up the volume, and responding to subtle signals.


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